Looking for a FUN icebreaker? 

Why not offer your guests a nitrogen ice cream cocktail from ISTIDs beautiful vintage firetruck at this years summer party?
Or how about a delicious freshly made organic ice-cream served straight from our ice cream bike at your companys next big conference? 
No matter the occasion, location or the size of your event, we can find the perfect solution for your wishes and needs.

We promise you an add-on to your event that you or your guests won't forget.
Send us an email at info@istid.dk and we'll get right on it!







The following prices can vary according to size, menu and location of the event.
Service fee including 2 hours of serving: 1.500 dkk
Set price for the first 100 ice-creams including a perfect topping: 5.500 dkk
Price pr. organic ice-cream incl. topping after the first 100 ice-creams: 35 dkk
Price for the first 100 ice-cream-cocktails*: 8.500 dkk
Price pr. ice-cream-cocktail after the first 100: 65 dkk
Tillæg pr. time servering før kl 22.00: 300 dkk
Extra fee pr. hour of serving after kl 22.00: 500 dkk
Transportation fee outside Storkøbenhavn: 1000 dkk
Transportation fee to Fyn og Jylland: 2000 dkk 

(All prices are exclusive moms/VAT)
*Can vary according to which type of cocktails are ordered